Get Started and Strategy Guide


Getting Started - Step by Step

The first thing you need to do when the season starts is build a team. The type of team you build is up to you. You might go for highly skilled players who cost a lot. You might go for inexpensive players who are well armored. Maybe you'll go for a bunch of bruisers. You might try for a mix! Either way you go, though, you start with your loan of 25,000 gold to spend on orcs and armor.

To build a team, you need to bid on orcs. These orcs can be found in the Homelands. Then, once a day, a bid processor runs that takes these bids and determines a winner. If you win the orc, it will appear in your barracks. If you don't win it, and want to know why, look under Bid History, which can be found under Bids.

When you have orcs in your barracks, the next thing you should do is tell each orc what position to play. This happens under Barracks. There are four positions per line, and three lines. The first two are used frequently. The third line is where replacements come from in case something bad happens to one of the orcs in the first two lines.

That's it as far as the essentials go. From here, you might consider buying armor and telling which orc to wear what. You can buy armor under the Armor tab. After you purchase armor, you can give it to an orc by displaying that orc from the barracks. The bottom of the page shows what the orc is currently wearing as well as the armor that is available to him.


Before I talk about which orcs to bid on, I'd like to tell you exactly how the bid process works. Once you have found an orc that will be a good match to your team, you should put a bid in on that orc. It is best if you bid on the orc as early after the bid processor runs as possible. The bid processor runs at noon (mountain time), and takes about a minute. So 12:02 PM is the best time to place a bid. Next, it is a good strategy to offer a little more than the asking price for each orc you bid on. This will help increase the odds that you will pick up that orc.

You only have to beat the asking price and competing bids. What this means is if you offer 5,000 gold for an orc whose asking price is 500 gold, if there are no other bids, you will buy the orc for 500 gold. If there is another bid for 750 gold, you will buy the orc for 751 gold. You only have to beat competing bids by 1 gold.

In the event of a tie in bid amount, the earlier bid will be selected. (If two or more bids for the same orc are placed in the same second, the winner will be selected randomly.)

You can place up to 20 bids at a time. When the bid processor runs, it clears the bids, so you can place 20 more bids.

Who should you bid on?

There are a number of good strategies to use for selecting which orcs you want for your team. Different skills are favored for each position:

Goalies should have high Eek and Slam. Having a high Get skill will help them hang on to balls when they make a save. Having a high Lose skill will help them pass the ball to safety after making a save.

Defensemen should have high Sneak and Pound. After all, an unconscious center is a low-scoring center. Defensemen might also benefit from a high Get skill, since this skill is used to determine interceptions.

Wings and Centers should have high Get and Lose skills. The get skill is used to determine face-off winners and catching or dropping a pass. The lose skill is used to pass the ball accurately as well as shoot at the goal. Good Centers are expensive! Centers are also frequently hit by opposing defensemen, so having a tough center is useful.

Remember that higher cost doesn't necessarily mean better orc for the position.

Here is an in-depth ranking of years of experience and related skills:

Experience Skill
3 5 /\
3 4 ||
2 5 B
3 3 E
2 4 S
3 2 T
2 3 ||
2 2 ||
1 5 W
3 1 O
1 4 R
1 3 S
2 1 T
1 2 ||
1 1 \/

This is how the skills and experience stats are used during the game:

For all:

Get - catch passes
Lose - pass accuracy and range
Eek - initiative (who acts first)
Pound - hit another orc
Toughness - sets hit points, sets fatigue threshold
Center - win faceoff
Center & Wing - shoot
Defense - hit another orc
Goalie - save

For Goalies:

Get - keep saves
Lose - pass further away from the goal and (hopefully) out of danger
Eek - dive to save if caught out of position
Slam - stop ball from going in to the goal
Goalie primary abilities are Eek and Slam to keep the ball out of the net. Having a high Get skill will keep rebounds down. Having a high Lose skill will keep the front-of-the-net interceptions down.

For Wings:

Get - intercept, prevent strip Lose - shoot
Eek - trip, prevent trip (not implemented yet)
Slam - block shots
Wings help move the ball towards the goal through passing (get and lose). Being in the middle of the pack, they have a decent chance of blocking a shot (slam) or intercepting an opponent's pass.

For Centers:

Get - win the faceoff, intercept, prevent strip
Lose - shoot
Eek - trip, prevent trip
Slam - block shots (rare)
The faceoff is the first chance your team has of getting the ball (get). Centers excel at this. They are also the primary orcs to shoot on goal (lose). As you all know, having a high toughness and some decent armor is a good thing, too, since centers tend to get the most abuse.

For Defense:

Get - intercept
Lose - shoot (rare)
Eek - prevent trip
Eek & Sneak - trip
Slam & Pound - block shots
Sneak - keep stripped ball, hit an orc without letting that orc know who hit him
Pound - strip ball
Defensemen are more violent than the other orcs (pound), but they also have good skills to prevent the opponent from scoring. Stripping the ball (pound and sneak) from an opponent is a great way to keep them from scoring. Defensemen also play a positioning game, where they try to stay between the opponent and their goal. This allows them to block shots more frequently (slam and pound). Since they block shots, strip the ball and can sometimes intercept, having a decent get and lose can be important, too.


If you can't have a tough center, you might consider an armored center. But not too much armor! Chain and plate armor slow your orc down. I recommend heavier armor for goalies since they don't have to move far. The rest of the team might benefit from some leather or lighter armor to help keep the injuries down.

Without a weapon, the hardest-hitting 3-year defensemen can hit another orc for up to 60 points of damage in a single shot! (That's with a REALLY GOOD pound.) Since orcs can have between 20 and 60 hit points total, you might want to protect them.

Wearing a suit of rope armor will, on average, completely block the damage from this guy about 7% of the time.
A suit of leather armor will, on average, block the damage completely about 46% of the time.
A suit of plate will block the damage about 77% of the time.

Damage can be reduced, too - it doesn't necessarily have to be completely blocked.

Orcs are slow compared to humans. Put armor on them, and they get slower. Here are some time trials for running 2 miles in the various types of armor:

Armor worn 2-mile time
Rope, Padded or Leather 19:33
1 piece of Chain 20:24
2 pieces of Chain 21:20
3 pieces of Chain 22:21
Chain suit 23:28
1 piece of Plate 22:21
2 pieces of Plate 26:05
3 pieces of Plate 31:17
Plate suit 39:07
Plate suit + Fatigued 58:41

The Barracks

The barracks is the main place to be to manage your team. All of your players are listed here, no matter what their current status is. The Barracks shows which orcs are assigned to which lines, shows the orcs that are currently in prison, and the orcs that are currently in the regeneration chamber.

When an orc is assigned to a position, there might be an icon next to his name. These icons include:

Armor Icons - To the right of the player's name will appear icons showing the type of armor they are currently wearing. If you're not sure what an icon means, hover your mouse over it, and it will tell you.
Plate arm armor Chain arm armor Leather arm armor Padded arm armor Rope arm armor Plate body armor Chain body armor Leather body armor Padded body armor Rope body armor Plate head armor Chain head armor Leather head armor Padded head armor Rope head armor Plate leg armor Chain leg armor Leather leg armor Padded leg armor Rope leg armor
Stars - Players who are especially well-suited for the position they are assigned will have a star next to their name. Silver stars are pretty good, and Gold stars are very good. This only takes into account the two primary skills associated with the position.

Dogs - Players who aren't especially good at a position get a dog icon.

Gold stars are for:

Experience Skill 1 Skill 2
3 5 5
3 4 5
3 3 5
3 4 4

Silver stars are for:

Experience Skill 1 Skill 2
3 2 5
3 3 4
2 5 5
2 4 5
3 2 4
3 3 3
2 3 5
2 4 4

Dogs are for:

Experience Skill 1 Skill 2
1 3 5
1 4 4
2 1 4
2 2 2
1 2 5
1 3 4
1 2 4
1 3 3
2 1 3
3 1 2
1 1 5
1 2 3
1 1 4
1 2 2
2 1 2
1 1 3
1 1 2
1 1 1
2 1 1
3 1 1

When an orc is not assigned to a position, either because you pulled them out of that slot, or they were arrested for looting, or they were killed while looting or during a game, you will see his Last Position Assignment. This is the last position they were assigned to, and is shown in parenthesis next to their name. This comes in handy when you send your whole team out looting (not that any of you would do that), and half of them get arrested. When you pay their bails, it will be much easier to put everyone back into the lineup again.


Your team has two main lines. These are the ones that are in play most of the time, starting with the first line. You also have an alternate line. After this, you can have even more orcs, up to 35 on your team, but they will be unassigned.

When a new game starts, the first line is placed onto the field. If more players are needed, they are taken from the second line, then from the alternate line, from the same position as the missing player. For example, if your first line is missing a center, one of the centers from the second line would be used. If you didn't have any on the second line, an alternate would be used.

If a suitable alternative isn't found, one is selected at random from the remaining orcs. (If you don't have any remaining orcs to choose from, it gets ugly!)

Other places to look for answers

The web site has three important places to look for information. They are: Rules, FAQ and Getting Started. See:



Getting Started

Otherwise, if you have any questions remaining, e-mail me at game@orcsports.com